Week 8: Bagels, Italian Style

Everyone I’ve babbled to about these bagels has gotten very excited about them. Imagine, bagels that taste Italian! Will they be able to live up to their own hype?

My plan here is to use a basic bagel recipe — not the honey whole wheat version — and add the Italian seasonings to the dough. After the boil, instead of giving the bagels an egg wash, I plan to wash them in melted butter and sprinkle them with Penzeys Roasted Garlic. That means I’ll be up late tonight, but I really want to discover how they’ll turn out. And if they’re awful, I’ll probably have time to make another batch tomorrow.

Oh, and I also left the small amount of honey out of the basic recipe. I didn’t want the bread to be too sweet with all the other flavors going on. It might have an effect on the dryness of the dough, as it does remove a liquid ingredient.

All herbed up, and ready to go.


I put the ingredients in the bread machine pan at 9:30pm: Warm water, sugar, salt, all-purpose flour, bread flour, Penzeys Pasta Sprinkle, and yeast.

Not quite homogenous.


Spices, unincorporated (population unknown).


At 11pm the dough cycle was finished, and I discovered that the spices had not mixed evenly into the dough. In fact, some of them didn’t even seem to make it into the dough, and wound up lost on the “floor” of the bread machine. I brushed off all the dry bits of flour and spices that were halfheartedly stuck to the outside of the dough, which was a bit drier than usual. One change I could make to this recipe is to try replacing the “lost” honey with the same amount of olive oil. I formed 8 bagels and left them to rest for 15 minutes while I turned the burner under the water up to HIGH.

Before the rise.


After the rise.


Welcome to my little Italian hot tub.


The bagels went into the oven for the first 15 minutes of baking. Two of them lost their shape before the boil, so I think I will try the olive oil substitution next time. The bagels looked (and smelled) good, though. I brushed on the melted butter — 2 tablespoons was just the right amount for 8 bagels — and sprinkled on the Roasted Garlic.

The bagels are done. I promptly ate one of the “exploded” (as Daughter would have called it, if she were here [and awake at this hour {which she shouldn’t be}]) bagels without cooling, slicing, or buttering or cream-cheesing.

I’ve been having problems with rotating the images properly. To see this image as it was intended to be displayed, please tilt your head 90 degrees to the left. Thank you.


I think I’m going to make these again. Meanwhile, let’s see what my tasting crew thinks.


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