Week 12: Fox Point, Take Two

I wasn’t really pleased with the amount of flavor in my first attempt at Fox Point bagels last week, so this weekend I tried something different. The Jesuit bagels were a hit, so I decided to make another batch without changing the recipe.



After the boil and the first ten-minute bake, I designated half the bagels as Fox Points and used the seasoning as a topping similar to the way I made the onion and shallot bagels a few weeks ago.



Nobody complained about the first Fox Point bagels, but their flavor was very subtle. I want to bring the flavor out a little more. If it does turn out to be a better idea to add the seasoning to the dough at the outset, I think I’ll need to remove the equivalent amount of flour so that all the dry ingredients get properly incorporated.



With these bagels, you definitely got a taste of Fox Point flavor with every bite. But it wasn’t exactly what I had in mind; I felt as if I had cheated by just gluing the flavor to the top. I’ll have to rethink this; as I work with the next base recipe perhaps some new ideas will come to mind.


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