Week 15: Whole Wheat Bagels

This week I used the same bagel recipe from Uprisings as I did last week, but with one difference — this week I had whole wheat flour to use, as the recipe called for. Last week’s bagels were fine, but they weren’t the bagels the recipe was supposed to make. This week, it’s time to find out what kind of bagels this recipe will actually produce.

Actually, using the whole wheat flour didn’t seem to make that much difference to the process. I still was able to get only about 6 cups of flour into the dough. I cannot imagine trying to get one more cup of flour in there. As it was, Son One was rather alarmed at how far the kitchen table seemed to be scooting away from me as I hand-kneaded the dense ball of dough. I was glad that the table had so much “give” in it, but I was a bit concerned that the shelf under it might slip from its supports. Fortunately, that didn’t happen.


I played around just a bit with the boiling time, trying two minutes per side to see how it worked.


Last week I baked two sheets of six bagels each, but I didn’t like having to turn the baking sheets around and put them on different oven racks. This time I decided just to cram all twelve bagels on the same baking sheet to make sure they all baked evenly. All the bagels got an egg-white glaze before going into the oven.


These bagels got a good reception from their tasters. One of them, when pressed for suggestions on flavors to add, admitted that “cinnamon and sugar wouldn’t go wrong” with whole wheat bagels (as long as I wasn’t planning to top them with lox). That’s something I will try to incorporate in next week’s batch.


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